Star Trek Episodic Challenge

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Star Trek Episodic
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Welcome to Star Trek Episodic, a Star Trek XI fic challenge! For everyone who saw all the reel_fandom challenges (think reel_merlin and reel_sga) and thought, "Man, that would be awesome if I ever watched movies - I wish there were conveniently a challenge community that did the same thing but with TV shows for the latest Star Trek movie!", this is the challenge for you...because that's pretty much exactly what it is!

The way it works:

  • Go to the signups post.

  • Claim an episode of a TV show by commenting with:
    • The name of the series

    • The name of the episode

    • Whether you're claiming it exclusively or not

  • Write a fic inspired by that episode.

What do we mean by "inspired"? We mean...pretty much anything, really. You can use a scene, a set of circumstances, or just a location or villain; or you can go all-out and go for a crossover or fusion of universes. It means using as much or as little of the episode you claim as you want.

If you want to claim an episode but don't want to keep others from claiming it and taking it in a new and awesome direction, then you can claim the prompt non-exclusively - that just means that other people can use that episode for inspiration, too. If you're jealously guarding your episode, then that's cool too - just say you're claiming it exclusively, and nobody else can claim that episode for the challenge.

If you have any questions, comments, or adoration, feel free to pass it along to your friendly mod: drop me a line at kiarasayre@gmail.com. Internet brownies also accepted.

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